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I love vinyl

Hallo music lovers, people say the blog is dead, well is it? i must admit i dont read many blogs, but hoping this will change as i dip my toes into the world of vinyl hunting, record shops and more.... Its been a dream of mine for about 25 yrs to open a music shop, and lots of people told me not to do it, its a waste of money, no one buys records, etc etc, but loads of people were also really supportive, so i took the plunge.

I started out years ago doing record fairs, all over Essex, East Anglia, Suffolk, and London. I would be rammed in a room of 40 blokes, and id be the only woman there, it didn't bother me, i loved it, that was in the mid 90s, i even worked in Our Price for a while. Ultimately music is my life, I'm in 3 bands, i write, record, gig, and like to think I'm relatively out there, although going on stage at 2am in the morning doesn't appeal to me as much as it did when i was in my twenties.

Digging for vinyl is addictive, i recently went away for a few days and found myself literally having withdrawal symptoms because i couldn't find a record shop, saying that a recent visit to Liverpool, was a blast, Probe Records and Dig Vinyl are fantastic i found some gems in there, and a trip to Felixstowe was good, Onion vinyl and Grooveyard records, both next door to each other, i picked up some bargains in there.

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